The SOLID F40-A Proven Replacement For Aging Continuous-Form Laser And Matrix Line Printers

The Continuous success of the SOLID F40-a proven replacement for aging and low print quality line matrix printers.

The Proven Printer Of Choice For:

  • Replacement of Printronix® L7032®, IBM® Infoprint® 3000, IBM Infoprint 4000, IBM Infoprint 6500, IBM Infoprint 100, IBM Infoprint 75, OCE® Variostream®, and SOLID F32 (use of existing datastreams)
  • Upgrade from impact or line printers (more speed, superior quality, 2D barcodes, quieter)
  • Entry level continuous format printer (lowest investment on the market)
  • Government, Local Government and Utilities
  • Run direct from the host for more security (IBM, SAP, etc.
  • "Cheshire" or mailing labels (Deutsche Post approved)

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