The MPC (MICROPLEX PRINT CONTROLLER) is the result of our long time experience and development work. For more than 20 years our whole knowledge is bundled in the MPC and we will keep it up to date continuously which very often is ahead of the time.

The main tasks of the MPC are to rasterize incoming print files (known as Raster Image Processor) as well as to control and monitor the output device. For the printers we use an embedded controller as hardware. The therefore required software is called firmware. All emulations and functions – some as an option – are included in the firmware.

 IFH – Internal Forms Handling
Allows to save forms, fonts, and logos in the flash memory and those can be used by a command in the data stream.

The Status-Out option gives security during your critical print jobs. You can send a confirmation of each correctly printed page back to the host via interface.

Intelligent barcode generation
To minimize the data traffic in your network the barcodes are just sent as a command. The printer generates on-the-fly the printable barcodes incl. start/stop command and the associated check sum.

Format splitting
Feature for print out a number of pages on one sheet.

IP panel
MICROPLEX printers can be tele commanded via the Ethernet interface. By entering the printer IP address into a browser the panel appears with which you can control the printer.

SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol
SNMP is used in networks to control or configure devices.

MICROPLEX printers already support the new generation of IP addresses, IPv6 (128 bit). Currently the version IPv4 (32 bit) is used, which probably will not be able to provide enough addresses from 2011 on.

Based on print engines from several renowned manufacturers, MICROPLEX printers become faster, more flexible, and more intelligent by using the MPC.