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The centerpiece of the Microplex Print Technologies

Microplex printers emerge from the interplay of distinguished experts with decades of experience in the printer industry and young digital professionals who continually push the boundaries of what is possible.

The printing mechanisms of various reputable manufacturers are used as the basis for our high performance printers. But only with our Microplex Controller is the full performance potential of the equipment completely exploited. The main tasks of the Microplex Controller include the rastering of incoming print data (known as Raster Image Processing) as well as controlling and monitoring the output device. An “embedded controller” is implemented as hardware in the printers. The software required for this is termed firmware.

The emulations and functions are incorporated in the firmware. The ingenious concept of the MPC separates these tasks. This means that the full scope of functions is available irrespective of the printer technology deployed. You decide which printer technology is best suited to your requirements – without any limitation in functionality and independent of existing systems.

The MPC provides you with the possibility to replace any old printer with a modern, high performance Microplex printer. Thanks to the incredible flexibility of the Microplex Controller, adjustments within your system environment are not required.

Printing with SAP - Easily executed with Microplex Printers

The printing of special materials and formats with SAP is always a particular challenge. For example, in order to print barcode labels on a laser or thermal printer, or delivery notes, packing lists and invoices on a continuous form printer often requires special interventions in the system – which may even involve special programming. Such interventions not only cost time, but also money.

Microplex high performance printers capitalize on the very good SAP support of the printer languages (emulations) HP PCL5e / PCL5c. This PCL5 language is supported across the board on all Microplex printers irrespective of their implemented technology. This ensures that our printers are always smoothly integrated, saving time and money – independent of the print technology used.


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