PDF Direct printing with Microplex

Direct PDF printing with support for paper handling functions is a new way of printing single and multi-page PDF documents with Microplex printers. It is possible to print PDF data directly on Microplex printers with the latest generation controller (MPC 3.4, 3.6, 7.x, 8.0). On Microplex printers, PDF data is output unchanged. You receive a 1:1 printout as the data were generated. In the case of delivery documents with barcodes these are printed legibly in the intended ratio. For this purpose, the original PDF data is transferred directly to the printer. This guarantees your system independence, no Windows drivers are required. The PDF data is output in the resolution of the printer.

Besides the well-known emulations such as thermal printer emulations IGP, ZPL, EPL, etc. and laser printer emulations such as PCL5, Kyocera Prescribe, IPDS and many more, Microplex printers now also support direct printing of PDF data.


The PDF format is often used for printing business documents from Customers, service providers, etc. The data must be used as unchanged as possible (security against manipulation). When using printing software and / or drivers there is always the risk that the print data can be changed slightly by these programs. For example, unwanted scaling can occur due to the physical properties of the printer. This can make barcodes illegible and thus interrupt the logistics chain or lead to extensive rework. This is not the case when using PDF direct printing with a Microplex printer.

Paper handling with IDOL commands

The PDF file can be preceded by IDOL commands with paper handling information. With this, commands for paper feed, paper output, simplex / duplex printing, format etc. are transferred to the printer.


Easy configure Paper handling

Several user configurations (port macros) with different basic settings can be defined in a Microplex printer and activated with the PDF file via port printing.

PDF Direct printing in plant engineering

Microplex printer with PDF Direct Print cooperate with automatic systems. Microplex printers can be intelligently controlled and integrated as an active ingredient of a plant control system for the synchronization of logistic processes. The direct printout of PDF data can also be combined with the options Status-Out and GPIO (PLC control) on a Microplex printer. Here, page receipts can be automatically reported to the system or, if necessary, e.g. the printout can be released via an external PLC signal. This means that Microplex printers can be fully integrated into production systems. The printer then communicates directly with the controlling system, either via electrical signals GPIO (PLC control) or by means of text messages via the data interface (status-out).

In addition to tamper-proofness, the direct printout of PDF data also serves to improve the performance of the entire system. PDF data that already exist and e.g. stored in a system database can be sent directly to the printer. There are no additional processing steps, you gain speed and reliability.

PDF data generated dynamically by the customer system can also be passed on to the printer without loss. It is guaranteed that the data is printed in the correct layout, with the correct fonts and, if applicable, logos. The system control merely supplements the commands for paper handling (paper feed, paper output, simplex / duplex printing, format etc.) or uses port macros for control, in which the corresponding specifications are stored.

An overview of the advantages:

  • Cassette selection via predefined user configurations
  • Configuration of the print settings via a comfortable web interface
  • Paper handling information can be given individually to each print job
  • Independent from the operating system, PDF versions 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 are supported
  • Exact printout of the data as defined in the PDF, the data will be not changed via a driver.
  • Integration into production systems via PLC control and status-out.