SOLID F40 Line Matrix Printer Replacement

Please click play on the video below to see how the SOLID F40 is superior to using a impact line printer.

SOLID F40 Continuous-Form Laser Printer: the fast, quiet, and high quality alternative to line matrix printers

Faster, quieter, more cost-effective, with consistently high quality print And thereby reduce costs - is this possible?

YES with Microplex SOLID F40!


Line printer with its impact printing technology is absolutely justified when it comes to printing NCR documents with multiple copies. However, this printer technology quickly reaches its limits when a consistently optimal print quality is required when printing linier barcodes and high quality graphics. Not to mention 2D barcodes. As the ribbon is used, the printing quality decreases, and the risk of printing decodable barcodes in this technology becomes increasingly difficult. This often leads to problems within the actual barcode application resulting in time loss and cost intensive rework.

Since the invention of line printer technology the requirements for professional printing of logistics documents and production relevant papers have significantly changed. Higher print quality is required for printing more and more 2 dimensional barcodes. 

The alternative to line matrix printers

Microplex offers an alternative solution with the SOLID range of continuous laser printers with printing speeds of 40 pages per minute up to 166 pages per minute. Thanks to the Microplex Multi-Intelligence Controller not only can you print from your existing data but because of the increase in quality the performance of your solution or your customer’s application is also improved.

Line matrix printer in comparison to Microplex SOLID F40:


The Microplex continuous laser printers, for example the SOLID F40, can also print complex, variable data that contains many barcodes, maintaining the maximum speed contrary to most line matrix printers, where the printing speed is reduced to achieve a slightly better print quality. Therefore the SOLID F40 often reduces the printing time significantly and keeps the high quality at 600 dpi.

Advantages of the SOLID F40

When high quality barcodes are required the Microplex Continuous Laser Printer can actually lower the costs by requiring fewer printers to handle the print requirement.

With the SOLID F40 as a perfect line printer replacement you are well prepared for the requirements of the future. If for example in the future a, today unknown, barcode becomes important, Microplex can offer a firmware update, which makes the new barcode available immediately.

Secure the advantages of the SOLID F40 for your production process now:

  • Fast
  • Quiet
  • High quality printing (600dpi)
  • Always maximum print speed at 2.000 lpm
  • Cost effective
  • Future proof with firmware updates 

Let us talk about your possibilities to print with the Microplex SOLID F40 fast, quiet, high quality, and inexpensive.