Lineprinter Replacement with SOLID 52A4

Why should some line printers or line printers be replaced with a SOLID 52A4 cut-sheet laser printer?

There are applications that can be operated much more efficiently with a Microplex single-sheet laser printer than is possible with an continuous dot-matrix printer.

It is important that all programming and application programs should continue to be used unchanged. There is no need for any adjustment to the new printer, which significantly reduces the conversion costs.

Fit-to-Page - Automatic format adjustment for line printer data

Even the format adjustment on single sheet formats such as A4 is done automatically in the printer.

For delivery notes that were printed on a line printer, take the data stream and send it to one of our cut sheet laser printers and the emulation will print it on the laser A5 or A4.

The data and application software does not need to be changed.

Replacement of carbon copies or the use of NCR papers

You can replace NCR papers with the use of low-cost standard blank paper, as the SOLID 52A4 intelligently translates these applications:

Method 1:

Go electronic by capturing the signature at the door, then you only need to print the top sheet out as a delivery note as above, everthing else is taken care of by the solution.

The used form designs can be stored in the printer. These are then printed on blank paper together with the data as needed. There are no more forms required.

Method 2:

Print the top copy (delivery note) on white paper from Tray one and the driver's copy on yellow paper from Tray two, this is the one the driver has to have signed from the customer and print a pink copy for the accounting department. This can go straight into accounts (without delay).

Again, the forms are stored in the printer.

Picking lists are printed directly from existing data, but adjusted to A4.

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