PP 405

The PP 405 is a multifunctional, 24 pin Print head, high performance Impact Printer, offering flexible Media management and a variety of Modular Interfaces (Personality Modules), allowing easy integration into various System and Network environments.

The PP 405 can be equipped with up to 3 - ASF (Auto Sheet Feeder) Cassettes, one single Sheet Feeder and one Tractor, for fan-fold media. With very low noise emission, the PP405 Printer is an excellent fit for Office and Industrial environments. The robust printing device and durable cabinet design, guarantees strong reliability in professional printing applications, with typical print volumes of up to 20,000 pages per month.

In combination with these technology features and the cost-effective / long-life ribbons, the PP 405 keeps the total cost-of-ownership (TCO) at a minimum and may be just the right solution for your Impact Printer needs!

Ideal for:

  • Assembly Lists, Work Accompanying Documents
  • Certifications, Descriptions, Email Communications, Incapacity to work certificates
  • Airway Bills, Order Lists
  • Correspondence, Descriptions, Email Communications, Income Records, Travel Books
  • Ordering Documents
  • Work associated Cards
  • Labels, Order Documents, Outsourcing Documents


  • Heavy duty 24-wire dot matrix printer with IntellidriveTM – Technology  
  • Flat bed technology with print bar
  • Robust design for industry
  • Performance: 600 cps (10 cpi) 507 pages per hour 20,000 pages per month
  • Up to 6 excellent copies (1+5)
  • 5 paper inputs; 3 paper outputs; manual paper feed
  • Low cost per page using 15 million character ribbon
  • Printing width up to 136 columns (10 cpi)
  • Easy user operation via macro functions
  • Quiet operation: Noise level ≤ 52 dB(A)
  • Personality Modules (interfaces) for major host and network environments
  • Technical details
    Printer Specification

    Serial impact, Dot matrix


    24 wires, 0.25 mm (0.01 inch) needle diameter Life time approx. 400 million characters

    Print mode

    Data (DQ), Near Letter Quality (NLQ) and Letter Quality (LQ)

    Print format

    Up to 136 characters at 10 characters per inch (cpi)


    Cartridge, nylon Ribbon, Black, 16 million characters, Auto Ribbon run control


    25.4” x 15.6” x 10.9” (W x D x H) (635 x 390 x 273 mm)


    50 pounds (22.7 kg)

    Operator Panel

    16 digit LCD display,tri-lingual (German, English, French)

    Rated Voltage

    200-240 V (100-125 V opt.), 50-60 Hz

    Power Consumption

    Operating < 120 W, Standby < 15 W

    Environmental Conditions

    Operating: +10°C to +35 °C (+50°F to + 95°F)

    20% to 80% relative humidity

    Storage: -40°C to +70 °C (-40°F to +158°F)

    5% to 85% relative humidity

    Noise Level

    52 dB(A) acceptable to ISO 7779

    Agency Approvals


    Print Speed (10cpi)

    DQ: 600 cps

    NLQ: 300 cps

    LQ: 150 cps


    Mode     Fan-fold     Cut Sheets

    DQ:         507             490 pages/hour

    NLQ:       398             386 pages/hour

    LQ:           251             248 pages/hour

    Duty Cycle

    20,000 pages per month

    Paper Handling
    Paper Path

    Flat bed Technology, straight-through media handling up to 5 input and 3 output possibilities, selectable via software or Operator Panel

    Automatic Gap Control (AGC)

    AGC, automatically optimizes the print head gap based on media thickness


    1 original + 5 copies, max. media thickness 0.5 mm (0.02 inch)

    Fanfold Paper
    Paper Input

    Integrated Push Tractor with “park” position

    Paper Output

    Exits at the rear side, with zero-tear-off

    Paper Weight

    60 to 90 g/m2 ; form sets up to 350 g/m

    Paper Width

    4” to 16” inch (100 to 400 mm)

    Form Feed

    11 inch/second

    Cut sheets
    Paper Input

    Manual front insertion; automatic sheet feeders (opt.)

    Paper Output

    User selectable Paper Exit at the front, or face down stacker at the top of the printer, capacity of 360 sheets

    Paper Weight

    Refer to Options, Cassettes

    Paper Width

    4.2” to 12.2” inch ( 105 to 305 mm)

    Personality Module (SER/PAR/USB)

    IEEE 1284 and serial RS-232C,USB 2.0


    IBM Proprinter XL24 (AGM), Epson LQ 2550/1060/ESC/P2 Phillips GP 310/490


    Selectable up to 176 KByte

    Character sets

    ISO 8859/1, ISO 8859/9, 8859/15; IBM Set 1/Set 2 in 14

    national versions; IBM Code Pages 437, 850, 857, 858, 860, 863, 865; Epson Ext. Char. Set in 15 National versions; Eastern European character sets 771, 773, 774, 775, 852, 1125, 1251; Baltic RiM, Greek, CZ, HUN, Russia, Win Lat 2


    Draft quality: High Speed Draft, Data and Data Large; Near letter and letter quality: Courier, Sans Serif, OCR-A, OCR-B, Orator, Orator-C, Prestige, Roman, Script, Sans script

    Character Attributes

    Bold, italic, shadow, outline, double strike, underline, double underline, over line, strike through, sub/superscript, double to octuple, for Data Large, 99-fold size

    CPI (Characters Per Inch)

    10, 12, 15, 17.1, 18 and 20 cpi, proportional

    LPI (Lines per Inch)

    2, 3, 4, 6, 8, ... 360 lpi


    EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Postnet, KIX Code, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128 (incl. EAN 128) Codabar, 2 of 5 industrial, 2 of 5 interleaved, and MSI Mod 10/10


    360 x 360 dpi max


    Parameter settings, up to four individual Printer Configurations, selectable via software or Operator Panel


    SER RS-422/PAR/USB


    Ethernet 10BaseT / 100BaseTX RJE45




    SER/PAR with Printronix IGP 10/20/40 emulation


    SER/PAR or Ethernet with HP2934/2235emulation


    SER/PAR or Ethernet with Genicom 3840 emulation


    SER/PAR or Ethernet with MT50 emulation

    String Change

    SER/PAR or Ethernet

    Printer Stand

    Media handling of dual, fanfold paper input; dimensions: 450 x 660 x 840 mm (W x D x H) (17.7 x 26.4 x 33.6 inch);

    Weight: approx. 35 pounds (16 kg)

    ASF Cassettes

    Up to 3 automatic Sheet Feeders; paper size: DIN A4, A4 landscape, A5, A6, B5, Letter, Legal

    Cassette A1

    Cut sheets form 70 to 100 g/m2, form sets up to 260 g/m2; capacity: 180 sheets, 80 g/m2) ,paper width up to 305 mm, (12 inch)

    Cassette B1

    Cardboard and massive Envelope up to 300g/m²

    Cassette C1

    Thick and non-flexible Sheets, Envelopes up to 300 g/m2; Documents with middle fold

    Extended Manual Feeder:

    To be used with single sheet and form sets input, for frequent Users, particularly when ASF Cassettes are mounted

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